30th July 2016


There is no doubt that the Lord in these last days is raising passionate intercessors, men and women of prayer to change and transform the spiritual climate not just in our local churches but also in our communities, country and nations across the globe.

We believe also that there are diverse kinds of prayers and different men and women of God who either pray quietly or loudly, either lying down, knelling or walking about. Which ever you are called to pray God will answer and OHOP is a place you have the freedom to pray as led to.

There are 3 ways to be part of the Oldham House of Prayer.

  1. Come and join in
    Just arrive to join in praying together, or just soak in His presence, just read your Bible in quietness. You can come just to be prayed for. Feel free to come in and leave when you feel like.

       2. Lead a Slot
Each day is split into session of worship and intercession for different items of prayer covering
the church, the community, the nation and nations. You may want to lead a slot. Let us know                     what you like to do.

       3. Join the Staff Team
             Would you like to join the staff to lead a whole day or days in the House of Prayer. You may feel                called to a life of intercession and would like to devote time on a more regular basis for OHOP. if              that is you, contact us and we would arrange a meeting to explain and teach everything we do in                OHOP.